St. Clair Kennel Club

Licensed by AKC

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Unless Michigan Rules Change Board & Membership
March 3, 2021
6:30 Social
7:00 Board
7:30 GeneralDorsey House

6008 Beard Rd.



Club Officers

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Clair Kennel Club is to encourage and support the responsible breeding of pure-bred dogs and to encourage responsible dog ownership. The club will pursue excellence in showmanship through knowledge and education in all venues including conformation, obedience and other dog-related activities.

President: Richard Lawless

Vice President: Christine Morgan

Secretary: Barb Hahn

Treasurer: Fred Black


Board of Directors

Steve Fegan

Nicole Fochtman

Gail Sellers

About Us

Club Achievements


We are committed to providing, in partnership with AKC and other groups, a Pet Disaster Relief Trailer which would be available to county residents in case of a situation requiring assistance.


Our members maintain an interest in and support of St. Clair County 4-H, especially the Dog Project and  Great Lakes Therapy Dog Club.


Our club has donated to Blue Water Area Humane Society and the spay/neuter and vaccination programs sponsord by Human Society of St. Clair County.


We are proud members of Michigan Association of Pure Bred Dogs and urge everyone to become familiar with this group whose mission is to track all legislation that effects your ability to own and enjoy your dogs.

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